The culinary team at VYNE is determined to make living well easy and enjoyable. We’ve brought together the most talented chefs in NYC to carefully craft each of VYNE’s delicious recipes.

Our creative and ever-changing menu features irresistibly unique dishes you won’t want to live without.


VYNE isn’t just a one-stop-shop for a healthy meal. We’re here to help you create a lifestyle you love – one that you can count on and maintain. With weekly meal plans to help you reach your goals and make wellness more accessible, VYNE is your newest and most reliable partner in living well.


Our food is completely animal-free. Fresh, delicious and energizing meals made exclusively with plants. Each item on the VYNE menu is rich with the nutrients and protein you need to power through the day. The benefits of plant based eating extend to your mind and body and are a sustainable choice for the planet.


We don’t just deliver to you, but drop off at your favorite fitness studio, gym or office. We give you options that fit your lifestyle, making it as easy as possible for you to reach your wellness goals. Grab dinner after spin class? You got it. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner delivered to your office? No problem. Healthy options at your doorstep? We’re there. We want you to be at ease knowing your nutrition for the day is covered.



courtesy of mother earth.


giving your body the fuel it needs.

Gluten, dairy, and soy-free.

creative and delicious plant-based alternatives only.

Locally sourced.

travelling the shortest distance possible from farm to fridge.

Always fresh.

using the highest-quality ingredients selected by our chefs.

Never frozen.

prepared just in time, we don’t even own a freezer.

Full of flavor.

100% delicious.