VYNE is on a mission to make wellness approachable, sustainable, and delicious. We are a group of award-winning chefs, talented nutritionists, and passionate wellbeing experts, here to help you live better – one plant-powered bite at a time. We believe that plant-based eating – even if it’s just a few meals a week – is the secret sauce to feeling great.

Building a diet around unprocessed fruits, veggies, legumes, and whole grains is one of the best things you can do for your body. It increases your energy, promotes healthy weight loss, and wards off chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. What’s good for you is also good for the planet. Plant-based eating is a more sustainable solution and can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

We recognized that for most people, making plant-based eating a routine is challenging. VYNE was created to ease the process of eating well. We’re here to be your partner in building and sustaining a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We are your direct line to real food that eliminates all the hassle and reminds us why we eat in the first place – for pleasure and purpose.

In a food world of empty promises, empty calories, and empty chatter, we stand for full. And we’re not being full of it.


GREG | CEO & Culinary Director

Greg is a Chef, Restauranteur, Co-Founder of Kettlebell Kitchen, and the owner of OREYA Restaurant. His introduction into plant-based living was the catalyst to start VYNE. Bored by salad bars and Seamless orders, Greg recognized a need for delicious, plant-focused meals that could be conveniently delivered to the office (or gym or doorstep). He is thrilled to lead the VYNE team, both in and out of the kitchen. 

KATE | Brand Director & Nutritionist

Kate’s background in graphic design, creative direction and communications has led her to work for wellness companies all over the world, predominately throughout Asia. She is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and trained yoga instructor with a deep passion for helping others live well. For Kate, VYNE isn’t a brand, it’s how she lives. And she couldn’t be more excited to share this lifestyle with NYC.

JONATHAN | Director of Business Development

Jonathan joins the VYNE team with an innate passion for fitness and well-being. After working many years in the health industry, he left his job to pursue an education at the International Culinary Center and received a degree in Culinary Entrepreneurship. Jonathan started a healthy food blog in 2016, That Salu Life, where he shares lighter takes on familiar recipes inspired from Italian and Latin cuisines. Passionate about environmentalism, he is committed in helping VYNE champion cleaner eating and a cleaner planet.

LISA | Strategy Director

Lisa is a business strategist, foodie, and sustainability advocate. As a strategy consultant for many years, she collaborated with executives at national retailers and food companies, helping them be impactful through thoughtful design of products and experiences. Her journey to VYNE began with a growing passion for wellness and learning about the immense role that diet plays in improving our lives and protecting our planet. Working behind-the-scenes, Lisa can’t wait to make VYNE a lifestyle people will love.